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The Work group Eichsfeld of the AMF

1.Work group-Eichsfeld a short introduction


The "AMF-work group "Eichsfeld" was established January, 1 1994 as part of the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft für mitteldeutsche Familienforschung e.V.", short AMF (work group for the family research of middle Germany, registered society)


It's purpose is the genealogical research in the Eichsfeld region, mainly the handling and conservation of the existing genealogical sources.


As many members of the AMF can trace their roots back to the Eichsfeld region, the idea for our work group was born in Berlin during the course of an ancestors exchange market in October 1993. In order to make the research work more effective the creation of a work group lay at hand. The presidency was assumed by AMF-member Dipl.-Ing. Marcellinus Prien from Berlin.


In October 1994 the first meeting took place in Heiligenstadt. The following annual meetings of the work group in fall in Heiligenstadt have already become an established tradition and rejoice with increasing popularity. Meanwhile, the membership has grown to over 70 hobby researchers from all over Germany and is still rising. This work group is no "old men's club", since most members are between 20 to 50 years old. We would especially enjoy an increase of female researchers, as they are still a minority. The membership is free of charge for every man (or woman).


The main work field of the work group is the "Verkartung" of church records of the individual Eichsfeld communities, i.e. the word-by-word copying onto filing cards or into a special computer program. The purpose of this work is the protection of the old books, securing of these valuable sources for future generations as well as the facilitation for the parish parsons and family researchers.


Since end of 1998 the work group also offers a homepage under or, which receives lively interest. The page is accessed not only from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, but also from more European countries as well as North America, Australia and New Zealand.


Remarkable is the great interest of the American citizens of German descendens, whose ancestors often came from the Eichsfeld region. Above all, it is interesting to see that over the centuries German family names, like Kaufhold, Rhode, Bein etc. did survive.


The results of the research, which are of general interest as well as its sources, are published under different headings on our homepages. Also, the update of the Verkartung of the church records of the Eichsfeld can be found there. Under "Search" it is possible that interested people can leave a message or look over and answer inquiries to other ancestor researchers.


For further information about our work group please contact

Marcellinus Prien

Hauptstr. 59

10827 Berlin



e-mail: or


Your team of the work group Eichsfeld




Become a member ?


first row from left to right:

M. Kohl, N. Degenhardt, M. Prien, K. Heinevetter, R.Pudenz

back row from left to right:

K. Grüning, A.Scholz, W. Gottschalk, G. Heinevetter






2. Program of the work group Eichsfeld


01. Short definition and description of the field of research


02. Lists of the places with postcode of the field of research


- place

- district

- location of the place (taken from topographical maps 1:25,000), number of inhabitants

- rectory, Catholic (1) or Protestant (2) in church records from-until, where

- available literature about:

- the place

- the inhabitants of the place


03. Lists of inhabitants for the individual places


04. Nobility of the Eichfeld


05. Vicars of the individual places


06. Teachers of the individual places


07. Principals, majors of the individual places


08. Emigrants


09. Registration of the Heimat and history societies


10. Registration of the archives, in which genealogical material about the inhabitants of the Eichsfeld is found


11. Registration of libraries, in which genealogical literature about the inhabitants of the Eichsfeld is found


12. Family researchers in the Eichsfeld, now and then


- addresses

- field of research


13. Family societies in the Eichsfeld, now and then


- addresses

- publications


14. Genealogical bibliography of the Eichsfeld, evaluation of the bibliography of the Eichsfeld about titles relevant to genealogy


15. Collecting today's possibilities of genealogical research in the Eichsfeld


16. Publishing of genealogical articles about the Eichsfeld in technical journals


17. Recruiting new members for the AMF-Eichsfeld


18. Presenting the AMF in regional papers, journals etc.


19. Verkartung of the church records of the Eichsfeld